Few people have supported The University of Kansas Health System as long, as strongly or as completely as Cheryl and Jeff Jernigan. And by making a planned gift to Turning Point and the health system, they have ensured their support will continue uninterrupted far into the future. Read More

As they navigated their illnesses, Jim and Betty grew close to Dr. Veeramachaneni and his wife, Deepika Polineni, MD, a pulmonary specialist at The University of Kansas Health System. "Jim and Betty have taught us so many things about marriage, children and life in general," said Dr. Polineni. Read More

Kansas City has a special place in the hearts of Niles and Lindsay Jager. Their local ties, family traditions and experiences led them to make a gift that will make a lasting impact. Read More

Linda Campbell, MD, describes her late husband, Bob, as a “plucky soul.” From a young age, he faced every obstacle with dogged determination. Whether his boots were on the ground in Vietnam or his body was failing him due to several illnesses, Bob found a way to get through each day with dignity. Read More

Anderson Xavier Vranicar, born Oct. 10, 2017, is the newest branch of a family rooted in kindness, generosity and a thirst for knowledge. His great grandparents cultivated these values, and his doting grandfather Greg nurtured them into a Vranicar family tradition. Read More

Anna Adams dearly misses her mom and dad, Lou and Travis Adams. They were kind, hard-working and generous role models when she was growing up. As an adult, Anna continued to learn from their example even though they were separated by hundreds of miles. Read More

When he and his wife each struggled with illness, Don Cannon, a retired, accomplished physician, sought the specialized medical care offered at The University of Kansas Health System. The high quality of care he and his wife received inspired Don to ensure that future patients receive the same. Read More

Jordan Yowell, 16, inherited a charming smile, an outgoing personality, a love of sports and a passion for the outdoors from her parents, Jeff and Mindy. Now, they hope to pass along another wonderful trait: a dedication to philanthropy. Read More

Ashleigh and Brian Hipp couldn't wait to start a family. Like many first-time parents, they imagined an uneventful pregnancy, easy delivery and joyful homecoming. But their dreams were put on hold when Ashleigh began to experience pregnancy complications. Read More

As Doug and Melanie Simpson, RN, PhD, revised their will, they wanted to create a meaningful legacy. When they thought about their shared passions, they quickly agreed — they decided to provide professional education for nurses at The University of Kansas Health System. Read More

Lou Eisenbrandt, 69, is an overachiever. The wife, mother and grandmother from Overland Park is also a retired nurse, humanitarian, philanthropist, author and veteran. Read More