Niles and Lindsay Jager

Lindsay and Niles Jager

Niles and Lindsay Jager make their home in the Kansas City area with their daughter, Lucy, and the family's pet, a goldendoodle named Ranger.

While this young couple is only in their 30s, they have already made the selfless decision to leave a lasting legacy that will benefit the entire community long after they are gone.

What made Niles and Lindsay select The University of Kansas Health System for a planned gift?

Strong local ties

"Kansas City is important to me," says Niles. "Four generations of my family have grown up here. Our daughter, Lucy, will be the fifth."

Lindsay is from Columbus, Ohio. She and Niles met at DePauw University in Indiana. In 2012, she moved to town and has grown to love the area.

"We both work here and enjoy the strong sense of community. We think Kansas City is a wonderful place to raise our daughter," she says.

Family tradition

Niles and Lindsay were also inspired by the physicians in their family trees.

Lindsay's grandfather practiced family medicine and ran a general practice for a number of years. When he left private practice, he became the team physician at Bowling Green State University.

Niles' great-grandfather was born in Sweden, immigrated to the United States and graduated cum laude from Northwestern University. Thor J. Jager, MD, became a preeminent pathologist, neurologist and internist in Wichita, Kansas. Near the end of his life, he donated his extensive medical library to the University of Kansas Medical Center.

The medical connection continued thanks to Niles' parents, Eric and Alison. His father served many years on the University of Kansas Hospital Authority Board. And both parents were passionate about the development of the Health Education Building at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

The University of Kansas Medical Center comprises the schools of medicine, nursing and health professions. The University of Kansas Health System is the independent healthcare facility that provides opportunities for clinical experience and residency positions.

Personal decision

Contributing to a healthcare organization in the Kansas City area felt right to the Jagers. "Medicine touches people of all backgrounds, all ages and stages of life," says Niles. "We have great admiration for the leadership and staff at The University of Kansas Health System."

Lindsay appreciates the academic approach to healthcare. "We have personally experienced their high quality of care and attention to detail. It's very impressive," she says.

The couple's planned gift comes with no restrictions. "At the end of the day, we trust the hospital to make the right decisions down the road," Niles explains.

Both Lindsay and Niles believe a nationally ranked healthcare provider is a blessing to the entire community. They're happy to do their part to keep it going.

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