Carrying on a family tradition of generosity

Anna AdamsAnna Adams dearly misses her mom and dad, Lou and Travis Adams. They were kind, hard-working and generous role models when she was growing up. As an adult, Anna continued to learn from their example even though they were separated by hundreds of miles.

Yet Anna believes her parents may have saved their most important lesson for last.

"I want to seek out ways to help others just as they did," she said. "I think it took the huge life experience of my parents' deaths for me to truly learn how I want to live the rest of my life."

Anna's mother died in 2014 and Anna's father in 2016. The college sweethearts had been married 59 years.

One gift leads to another

Throughout their lives, Anna's parents worked selflessly in the community. Her mom spent hours creating and delivering floral arrangements to brighten the lives of nursing home patients. Her dad was a dedicated member of the Rotary Club and many other charitable organizations.

When Anna's dad died, she and her brother discovered a life insurance policy designated for Arkansas Tech University, where he had worked for 31 years in a variety of leadership positions. The university was also where he and Anna's mom had met and fallen in love.

Anna and her brother both felt good knowing that part of their dad's estate was shared with the school that had meant so much to their parents.

As a tribute to her parents' legacy of generosity, Anna is including The University of Kansas Health System in her will. She has specifically earmarked her planned gift to help patients in need — those who cannot afford their medical care. These funds help pay for medications, meal vouchers and clothing for leaving the hospital.

Anna has worked at The University of Kansas Health System for 15 years. She said, "My dad taught me to appreciate my employer and everything they provide. I saw how easy it was for him to give back to his employer through estate planning. I have chosen to follow in his footsteps."

You can impact patient care

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